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“The only people who come out the opposite of divorce fairly economically unharmed are those with a great deal of benefit, support and high earnings,” says Shannon Lee Simmons, a financial planner in Toronto. So how do the rest of us handle it? We spoke with 3 women who are tackling their post-breakup monetary lives with lowered expectations, parental assistance and a lot of white-knuckling.

However, when you have kids and both moms and dads wish to be a part of their lives, you need to interact regardless of the destruction. And where (and when and how) everyone will live is a big part of that intricate discussion. For some couples, the option is a bird’s nest arrangement, where the kids remain in the family home and the moms and dads take turns looking after them there.

e., more affordable). This may require you to coordinate more with your ex-spouse than you did when you were wed, and can be mentally complicated, too. (Just envision needing to deal with your ex’s unclean dishes in the sink, or seeing evidence of a new relationship, or) And some brave couples dissolve the marital relationship, however, still live under the very same roofing.

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When they broke up after 7 years together, she anxiously combed the Vancouver rental listings for a two-bedroom apartment costing less than $2,000 a month. She eventually found one in a neighboring residential area, a 30-minute drive from where her ex still resided in their rental and where their 2 kids, 4 and 6, go to school.

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The cost and stress of the commute would be worth her freedom, she figured. “I decided I ‘d just go into debt.” It’s a choice a lot of individuals make in these circumstances, and it can be a financially practical oneif it’s done right. (That’s a huge, strong if). “I call this a ‘regulated burn,'” states Simmons.

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And you need to adhere to the strategy. “For example, you might choose you’re going to sink $20,000 in your line of credit with an end date in sight.” Already, she states, your circumstances may have changed maybe your home loan will be up for renewal and you might roll it into that, or one or more of your kids will have aged out of outrageous daycare expenses, or you’ll have discovered a more affordable living situation.